Starting April 5, 2019, Monthly Series on Shamanism

A Shamanic Practice deepens your personal connection to your own guidance. These classes empower us through these connections. We hone our intuition, our wisdom, and means for our own healing and helping others. 

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Developing a Personal Relationship With Your Guides & Allies for Empowerment, Wisdom & Healing

Shamanism is the earliest spiritual practice of direct revelation known to man. Those who were called shamans were the doctors, counselors, priests and intercessors, between this world and other realities, to their communities.  They dedicated their daily lives to their practice, held a place of honor and often fear because of their abilities, honed with purpose, dedication and integrity. This practice, which is a point of view or way of life is not a doctrine, or a religion. For many it was and is an ancient calling to deeply and truly connect with our spiritual guides. 

'Core' shamanism has adopted the basic principles and practices found  worldwide. These are teachings that transcend any particular culture's traditions.  Most of what is taught here in the West and in the modern world is core shamanism. Here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center we teach a core shamanic practice in our shamanic classes.  We are not on the path to become shamans, we are here to cultivate a practice that expands our consciousness and empowers our direct connection to the Spirit realm.

Starting in April 5, 2019 we are offering beginning to intermediate, in-depth, experiential classes that take us into ancient shamanic teachings. A shamanic practice creates a personal and significant connection to your own guidance. Through these relationships we are offered the wisdom to overcome and express our full human potential. Classes are one day a month, April through November. 

Join us for this powerful meditative practice. 

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