About Charlynn

An intuitive, inspirational, loving wise woman holding space for others to come together, evolve and experience connection through Love and Spirit


Charlynn Atiam (formerly Char Lynn Ford) has many talents and shares from her heart openly. Her years upon this planet have strengthened her depth of spiritual connection, her wisdom in sharing words of insight, and her ability to create ceremony of the purest intent. Below are her contributions that co-create wholeness and evolvement. Her heart's desire is to inspire, encourage, uplift, and empower others.  

Here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center she offers Whole-Being Healing, Community, Women's and Custom Sweat Lodges, Hand Analysis, Shamanic Classes, Vision and Inner Quests. 

You can work with Charlynn and set up a healing session while you are on retreat.  

You do not have to be on retreat to work with Charlynn.   

Features of Offerings at Weaving Unity Retreat Center

Whole-Being Healing


Whole-Being Healing is a co-creative process between each person, Spirit, and Charlynn. Charlynn is a Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner of 20 years, deeply intuitive, and works with the energies of her guides, crystals, minerals, essential oils, and sound vibration. There are multiple benefits of Whole-Being Healing as the integration of mind, body, emotions, and spirit are woven together. ​​ This type of healing affects us on all levels of our life. 

Charlynn's Healing Room


Charlynn spent two years dreaming into and meditating on her healing room. It was designed with sacred intention. Every item in the room has its own signature energy that becomes part of the healing experience. One can feel the grounding and upliftment these items offer. There are no electrical wires that cross over the table where one lies. Currently Charlynn is designing a healing garden outside the room where one can integrate the session in beauty and relaxation. 

Charlynn's Healing Tools


Charlynn works with many modalities believing that everything has a vibration and brings a healing energy to her works. There are minerals and crystals placed deliberately throughout the room, as well as special candles, water, and art that invites the sacred. She uses 'Young's Living' Essential Oils, one of the best American made therapeutic essential oils.  (These can be ordered from her for your own personal use). She employs sound with its important vibrational dynamism. 

Spiritual Coach


We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. As part of Whole-Being Healing, clearing our spiritual cobwebs is an important part of our clarity, our soul connection, and fullness in our life's expression. Charlynn honors each tradition or belief her clients come with. Her belief is in one Loving Creator who can be viewed multi-dimensionally, who gifted us unconditional Love with freewill to experience everything life has to offer. 

Shamanic Practictioner


Shamanism is the considered the oldest spiritual philosophy and practice in the world. Within this practice we 'journey' and tap into other realms where we meet and receive guidance. Our guides can take the form of plants, minerals, animals, angels, light-beings, and other worldly beings. These guides can bring us different perspectives, wisdom, and healing knowledge that might not be readily available to us here. Acting upon this guidance helps us assist others. 

Reiki Master


Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes healing. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "spiritually guided life force energy." Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind, emotions, and spirit . Charlynn has studied the Reiki techniques and has certification as a Reiki Master. 

Custom Sweat Lodges


Charlynn is available to lead customized Sweat Lodges. She co-creates with those desiring this personalized ceremony to create an intention that serves their group. Our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge Ceremony is dedicated to healing and creating a safe, sacred space for those attending. This purification ceremony can be used before a wedding to clear old energies, for friends and family after a loved one has transitioned, or in the process of dying, and for purposed groups during their retreat.

Shamanic Classes


 The Shamanic Practice is can be found universally around the world in indigenous cultures. Charlynn has been practicing and teaching Shamanic studies for over 20 years. Her classes offer a solid Shamanic foundation empowering us to find, and create a relationship with our Guides and Allies. These meditative teachings offer us wisdom, healing, and empowerment through the guidance we receive from our allies in these other realms. Classes are year long, once a month with practice inbetween. 

Inner and Vision Quests


Vision and Inner Quests are occasions where we set aside alone time to deeply connect with Spirit. Vision Quests help us find the vision of our lives whereas Inner Quests help us with current issues. Often this was done out in nature, but today it can be whatever serves and nurtures the person questing. Charlynn believes in co-creating with each questor the experience that will gift them their answers and vision, empowering them to deepen their relationship with the Divine. 

Hand Analysis


Hand Analysis is the study of the hand: its shape, lines, mounds, and the fingers; their zones and fingerprints. Charlynn was certified through the International Institute of Hand Analysis in 2000. She received such understanding about her life and Purpose that she uses this ‘tool’ as a means to help others understand who they are from a Soul’s perspective. Her readings offer our reason for being, guidance for releasing blocks and leading a fulfilling life.   

Wedding Officiant


Charlynn is a non-denominational minister. Her strength as a wedding officiant is her support of her couples. One's wedding day can create deep nervousness, Charlynn eases this nervousness with her charisma and in tuning in deeply to her couples. She has created a ceremony based in love and offers it to her couples for customizing that speaks to them. She has reading and rituals that can be added to the ceremony. She holds impeccable space for love. 

Special Offerings


Charlynn is a profoundly creative person and intuitively connected to Spirit. She opens her heart and soul to listen to 'downloads' and share these with friends and clients. She gained one of these downloads when she walked the Weaving Unity Retreat Center labyrinth for the first time. This meditation is available to those who are interested when they come to walk our labyrinth. Charlynn shares her special offerings as they come along. 

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