Please join our community for Weaving Unity's Healing Sweat Lodge Ceremony. 

Our Sweat Lodge is dedicated to Oneness and our wholeness.  

We create a ceremony based in Love (the only true healer),  

Here we honor each person's presence, their process and spiritual beliefs. 

It is our intention to create a safe and sacred space.

Our Lodge has been active for over 20 years. 

More information in Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge FAQs below

Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge FAQs

Everyone is Welcome

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge


Each month we offer our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Our belief is that if you found your way to our Ceremony, it was Spirit that directed you. We are very community based and encourage participation at all levels. Most months are Community Lodges, where everyone is welcome, including older children who can be respectful of what is asked of them. We schedule Women's Sweat Lodges throughout the year for those women who prefer a more intimate women's gathering. This is a safe space for beginners to this ceremony as Charlynn honors where one is at. One can ask for the door to be opened during a round. Clothing is mandatory here, as we do not live in a culture where nudity is comfortable for everyone. We have created spiritual family here and invite you to be part of it.

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge


Our monthly community event is our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge.  We are dedicated to creating a ceremony based in Love and a safe, sacred space where people may heal, be honored in their personal process, embody their wholeness, and purify mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  We usually plan the dates of our Ceremonies on a weekend date closest to the new or full moon. Each Ceremony is followed with a community potluck meal of freshly prepared soup and salad bar (please email ahead to see what to bring). We ask for a contribution of $40 per person, which covers materials costs, upkeep of our ceremonial site, and the land.  Charlynn has held this space since 1996 and has been leading our ceremony since 1999. She feels it is part of her Soul's calling to honor this ceremony in this way. 

Preparation, What to Bring

Weaving Unity's Sweat Lodge

Preparation, What to Bring


* Hydrate well the week before, especially several days before the ceremony.

* Avoid alcohol or other conscious altering drugs the night before ceremony as the heat can create an uncomfortable detox process. 

* Ceremony Clothes: clothing is mandatory!

   loose cotton preferred: shorts, t-shirt, sarong, loose dress. 

   NO bathing suits!

* Bring two towels: one for in the Ceremony and one for after.

* Dry set of clothes to change into after the Ceremony.

* Closed-toed shoes for around the fire. 

* Light lunch or snack, especially if blood sugar drops are an issue for you.

Plan for a full day during our daytime ceremonies and late evenings during summer. 

Our Ceremony Protocol

Contribution: Why We Ask

Preparation, What to Bring


Our rules of protocol are simple and we ask that you honor them. 

* Be respectful for all life; including spiders, bugs, Charlynn's animals, etc.  

* All that happens at our Ceremony stays at the Ceremony. Honor each person's personal process, we are here for healing.

* If you need assistance please ask, in honoring your process we do not wish to intrude or offer unsolicited advise.

* Coverings for the body are required.

* No bathing suits; cotton clothing is best.

* Honor our ceremony leader; she is holding the space to ensure the best for everyone. Please ask to leave the ceremony or speak out of turn.

Ceremony Overview

Contribution: Why We Ask

Contribution: Why We Ask


 We begin our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge with our Fire Ceremony. As the fire heats the stones we co-create the 'medicine's for the Lodge and create our prayer ties. After the stones have heated we are ready to enter the Lodge. Usually there are four rounds, with breaks in-between. After we are complete with the Sweat Lodge one can shower at the site. We then retire the Charlynn's home for the potluck meal. We welcome your participation in all that we offer for the whole day. It is recommended that you stay for the meal after the Ceremony so that you are fully grounded before driving our mountain roads. 

More details on what to expect at the Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge. 

Contribution: Why We Ask

Contribution: Why We Ask

Contribution: Why We Ask


We ask for a $40 contribution for participation in our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge. This amount has stayed the same since Charlynn began leading the ceremony in 1999. We believe in the exchange of energy for what is offered and money is our current exchange. NO ONE is ever turned away for lack of a contribution but is encouraged to offer work trade on the land as exchange. Work trades are done during non-ceremony time so that our focus on ceremony days is community participation. One's contribution goes to cover ceremony material expenses, improvements to our Lodge and its site, and expenses on the land.

Contribute here for our Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 Please RSVP to for space availability prior to making a deposit. Your support and contributions allow us to continue care and improvements of our Lodge Site and Weaving Unity Retreat Center. NO ONE is ever turned away for lack of funds but asked to offer work trade as exchange (in advance of lodge date). 

Thank you for your generosity.  

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