Community New Moon Spiritual Sauna Aug 11 , 2018

Weaving Unity Retreat Center Special Event Spiritual Sauna August 11, 2018

About Us

Your Hostess Charlynn

 Charlynn has lived on this land since 1986 and moved to the area when she was 9 years old. This area is her Soul’s home where she’s co-created Weaving Unity Retreat Center as a sacred space to share with others. Along with a stay here and partaking in our retreat center amenities you can make an appointment with Charlynn for her offerings that support your health and wholenes. 

Weaving Unity Retreat Center

 Weaving Unity Retreat Center is a destination in support of one's wholeness. Located in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains, the center is 6.5 miles from the picturesque town of Boulder Creek. Your stay, in one of our nature themed rooms, gifts you a renewal to your True Self, your Soul, and the Earth through peace, beauty, serenity, and the amenities available for you on the land.  

Retreat Center Ammenities

    At Weaving Unity Retreat Center we have created these sacred spaces across our 1.3 acres: our Maple Tree Shaded Patio for meditation, writing, communing with nature or just relaxing, our 7-Path Labyrinth for walking meditations, seats in our Rainbow Garden for aligning your chakras, Charlynn’s Healing Room for healing sessions, our Spiritual Sauna site, and Inner Quest Lodge for earth connection.

Personal Retreats

Treat yourself to a personal retreat at Weaving Unity Retreat Center. Here you can renew, relax, and recharge in our nature themed rooms, enjoy the amenities of the center, and hike our local redwood forests. Charlynn is happy to share her offerings with you during your visit to the center. 

Group Retreats

 Weaving Unity Retreat Center is a wondrous destination for your next group retreat. Easy to find in the redwood forest with amenities to inspire group participation. We have lodging for 9 in our themed rooms and seating for up to 30 in our spacious Sequoia Hall for day or overnight use. 

Spiritual Sauna

Our Spiritual Sauna Ceremony (similar to the Indigenous Sweat Lodge) is our community based healing ceremony here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center. We hold our ceremonies once a month near the full or new moon. We are dedicated to creating a safe, sacred space for healing. 

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