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Our Gifts To You At Weaving Unity Retreat Center

What is a retreat center without its amenities? Here at Weaving Unity Retreat Center we take pride in our offerings; Meditative walks and spaces, healing ceremonies, gardens, and offerings by Charlynn for your wholeness. Plus the beauty of the redwood forest with hiking and biking right out the front door, and local enjoyment just minutes away. 

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Weaving Unity Sweat Lodge


Our Sweat Lodge site is where we hold our monthly Weaving Unity Retreat Center healing ceremony. Our ceremony is a unique blend of world traditions. Please see more details on our Sweat Lodge page. We have also held Drumming Circles, and Full Moon Circles here with a fire and chairs around as we watched the full moon climb through the redwood trees on the Eastern ridge. We are blessed at our center to be out in the country with few neighbors and the ability to have fires here 

Sweat Lodge

Seven Path Labyrinth Walk


Our Seven Path Labyrinth is a walking meditation. In the center of our labyrinth is a pole with a representation of the universe above and the earth below. The pole represents ourselves as a conduit between heaven and earth. Around the pole are six 'petals' representing: the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, humans, angels, and the Great Mystery. At the outer edge of the labyrinth are the phases of the moon. There is a unique meditation that aligns with the rainbow stepping stones that Charlynn can share with you.

Rainbow Garden


The Rainbow Garden at Weaving Unity Retreat Center honors the many teachings of the rainbow throughout history, traditions, and cultures. We have the true seven colors of the rainbow with flowers that bloom in those colors and seats for meditating with their vibrational energy. We also have violet representing the violet flame of Creator's Love, pink for human love, and white for purity.  Here one can sit and relax while birds flit about, lizards grace you with their presence, and the earth connects with you intimately. 

Charlynn's Healing Room


Charlynn's Healing Room is an intentional space where everything within it has purpose and meaning. At one end is our seating area with images of some of the world's masters, a redwood burl table with a Bowl of Discernment, and crystals. The table lies underneath the rainbow stained glass window that represents our evolution as humans. Under the table are crystals and minerals that help the healing process. The other end of the room has lotus candles representing the light within 12 of our energy centers and minerals that honor each center.

Maple Tree Shaded Patio


Our Maple Tree Shaded Patio is entered from two of our rooms; the Mountain and Zen Garden Rooms. There is also a gate from the side drive. Here we have a large, old maple tree that shades this space. We have a table set up here for eating, relaxing, journaling, enjoying the aromatherapy of the jasmine and honey suckle flowers, and sharing time with others. Our 3-tiered fountain plays a background melody that helps the mind relax.  Often the birds come in to visit as well as squirrels, and lizards. Peace abounds here for the taking.

Inner Quest Lodge


Our Inner Quest Lodge is a unique structure inspired by Charlynn and perfect for spiritual retreats. Most quests are done out in nature in wilderness areas. Charlynn came to the realization that the need for an inner quest is important to all adults and many are not comfortable alone in the wilds. She created this lodge to support those who would like to quest and feel more closely supported. The lodge has doors at the cardinal directions with teachings and intentions of entering and exiting . It can be covered fully, partially, or left open. 

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